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Collaboration@Work champions workplace flexibility as means AND end. We have helped dozens of companies with research, advocacy and consulting for workplaces promoting collaboration over habit and diversity over uniformity.


Research & Advocacy
For 20 years we have led in studying Bay Area & national flexibility trends, and in shaping & promoting a collaborative approach to flex.


Consulting & Training
Whether you need online guidelines, training or research, we offer deeply grounded insights and tools.


A powerful tool for SF’s
new flex mandate

Our free resource helps you support employees & avoid fines…more

Don’t reinvent the wheel; test-drive the leader

Collaborative flexibility excels with online systems…more


Millennials demand collaborative flex

A 9-company study reveals how the majority workforce sees flexibility…more

Assume nothing, ask directly about flex

Our targeted inquiry process helps you identify & shape Millennial motivators…more


Share your flex

Add your best employee and manager flex stories to our growing database…coming soon

requires training

Collaboration skills can be learned, and a comprehensive training addresses bias, inclusion, mutual respect, AND flexibility…more

Our blog leads
the field

Follow our posts on all things collaborative and
Thought leadership
over two decades

Our sister company publishes unique essays that challenge and orient the field…more

STEM Diversity: Flood the Pipeline or Fix the Holes?

“Right to Request” Flex Goes Viral - Where Do You Stand?


Global, Local Millennials Say “Flex Already!”

Informal Flex + Feedback - Millennial Dream or Oxymoron?




Our Mission

Collaboration@Work provides research, advocacy and advice on redesigning the time and place of work. Collaborative, flexible scheduling is a powerful problem-solver for individuals, businesses and the community – strengthening families, reducing commutes, securing talent, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

New Ways to Work, parent of C@W, pioneered flexible employment in the 1970s through 1990s, expanding its scope to local and national youth employment issues in recent decades.

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